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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Al Bundy: Psycho Dad - Picture and Video

Al Bundy: Psycho Dad

Watch the YouTube video of Al Bundy singing Psycho Dad with lyrics -Video

Psycho Dad Theme Song
Who's that riding in the sun?
Who's the man with the itchy gun?
Who's the man who kills for fun?
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad.

He sleeps with a gun
but he loves his son
Killed his wife 'cos she weighed a ton.
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad.

A little touched or so we're told
Killed his wife 'cos she had a cold
Might as well she was gettin' old
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad.

He's quick with a gun
And his job ain't done.
Killed his wife by twenty-one,
Psycho Dad!

Who's that riding in the sleigh?
Who's that firing along the way?
Who's roughing up bums on Christmas day?
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad

Who's the tall, dark stranger there.
The one with the gun and the icy stare.
The one with the scalp of his ex-wife's hair!
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad!

Who's that riding across the plain?
Who's lost count of the wives he's slain?
Who's the man who's plumb insane?
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad

He's a durn good pa, but he hates the law.
He's likes to eat it raw, He's Psycho Dad!

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