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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The 80's: Jeff Spicoli - Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Jeff Spicoli - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Fast Times At Ridgemont High -Sammy Hagar -Video
Jeff Spicoli's stoner buddies, where are they now? 

The stoner on the left is Anthony Edwards. -IMDb 
You might know him better as Gilbert Lowell from Revenge of the Nerds. Or maybe as Goose from Top Gun starring little Tom Cruise. Or maybe Mike Monroe in Northern Exposure. More recently he played Dr. Mark Greenein the hit TV show ER.

The stoner on the right is Eric Stoltz. -IMDb
You may know him better as Cher in the.. Okay that was mean of me. He also played Roy L.'Rocky' Dennis in the movie Mask (The Elephant Man). He was also William Dunn in Grey's Anotomy and  Lance in Pulp Fiction...

    Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli
    Jennifer Jason Leigh as Stacy Hamilton
    Judge Reinhold as Brad Hamilton
    Robert Romanus as Mike Damone
    Brian Backer as Mark "Rat" Ratner
    Phoebe Cates as Linda Barrett
    Ray Walston as Mr. Hand
    Nancy Wilson (of the rock band Heart) as Beautiful Girl In Car
    Nicolas Cage as Brad's Bud (credited as Nicolas Coppola)
    James Russo as Convenience store robber
    Scott Thomson - Arnold
    Vincent Schiavelli - Mr. Vargas
    Amanda Wyss - Lisa (Brad's Girlfriend)
    Martin Brest - Dr. Miller
    Stuart Cornfield - Pirate King
    Michael Wyle - Brad's Bud
    David F. Price - Desmond
    Forest Whitaker - Charles Jefferson
    Patrick Brennan - Curtis Spicoli
    Duane Tucker - Dr. Brandt
    Reginald H. Farmer - Vice Principal
    Steven M. Martin - Twin
    Lana Clarkson - Mrs. Vargas (murdered by Phil Spector in real life)
    Sonny Carl Davis - Businessman
    Anthony Edwards - Stoner Bud
    Ava Lazar - Playmate model on beach
    James Bershad - Greg
    D.W. Brown - Ron Johnson
    Pamela Springsteen - Dina Phillips
    Eric Stoltz - Stoner Bud
    Lori Sutton - Playmate model on beach
    Kelli Maroney - Cindy
    Douglas Brian Martin - Angry Twin
    Stu Nahan - Himself
    Taylor Negron - Himself
    Tom Nolan - Dennis Taylor
    Virginia Peters - Waitress
    Craig Kellaher as Pizza Shop owners son

    Amy Heckerling - Director
    Art Linson - Producer
    Irving Azoff - Producer
    C.O. Erickson - Executive Producer
    Albert M. Shapiro - First Assistant Director
    Cameron Crowe - Book Author, Screen Story, Screenwriter
    Daniel Lomino - Art Director
    Don Phillips - Casting
    Eric Jenkins - Editor
    Frank Griffin - Makeup
    Joe Walsh - Composer (Music Score)
    John Loggia - Production Designer
    Marilyn Vance - Costume Designer
    Matthew Leonetti - Cinematographer
    Oingo Boingo - Featured Music
    The Cars - Featured Music
    The Go-Go's - Featured Music
    Tom Overton - Sound/Sound Designer

All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.
People on 'ludes should not drive!
Hey bud, let's party!
Aloha Mr. Hand!

Mr. Hand: Am I hallucinating here? Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?
Falling out of the orange VW van in high school parking lot smoke pouring out.
Black and white checkered Vans skater shoes.
4:20, 4-20, 420, 4/20 pheobe cates swimming pool scene red bathing suit diving board video uncensored hiedi klum recreate