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Friday, March 8, 2013

Gail The Snail: Armed and Dangerous

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode: "The Garbage Pail Cousin" 
 Sexy and funny Mary Lynn Rajskub
Salt the snail 
Nobody likes salting the snail, but she gives you no choice. 
I'm giving Frank a handy under the table! 
Dennis: An intervention might be a good idea. I mean if he starts banging Aunt Donna, we're gonna have the garbage pail cousin in the mix.  
Dee: No! No!  
Charlie: Whoa! Who is the garbage pail cousin?  
Dennis: Gail the Snail is the garbage pail cousin.  
Dee: Oh, Charlie, she is the worst. We'd have these family parties, and she used to just glob on to me and Dennis. Oh, we couldn't get rid of her.  
Dennis: The only way to get rid of her was to torture her, and that's what we did.  
Dee: Yeah, we'd throw her in the dryer. We'd throw salt on her.  
Dennis: Yeah, we'd throw salt on her 'cause she was the snail.