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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Facts of Life: Jo and Blair

Facts of Life: Jo and Blair

The Facts of Life is an American sitcom that originally ran on the NBC television network from August 24, 1979, to May 7, 1988. A spin-off of the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, the series' premise focused on Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae) as she becomes a housemother (and after the second season, dietitian as well) at the fictional Eastland School, an all-female boarding school in Peekskill, New York.

Main article: List of The Facts of Life characters
    Charlotte Rae ... Mrs. Edna Garrett (1979–1986)
    Lisa Whelchel ... Blair Warner
    Nancy McKeon ... Joanna Marie "Jo" Polniaczek (1980–1988)
    Mindy Cohn ... Natalie Green
    Kim Fields ... Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
    Cloris Leachman ... Beverly Ann Stickle (1986–1988)
    Mackenzie Astin ... Andy Moffett (1985–1988)
    George Clooney ... George Burnett[2] (cast member 1985–1986, recurring 1986–1987)
    Pamela Segall ... Kelly Affinado (1983–1984)
    Jenny O'Hara ... Miss Emily Mahoney (1979)
    Molly Ringwald ... Molly Parker (1979–1980)
    Todd Hallowell ... Jeff Williams (occasional, 1984–1988)
    Alex Rocco ... Charlie Polniaczek (occasional, 1981–1988)
    Woody Brown ... Cliff (occasional, 1983–1984)
    John Lawlor ... Steven Bradley (1979–1980)
    Julie Anne Haddock ... Cindy Webster (cast member 1979–1980, recurring 1980–1987)
    Geri Jewell ... Geri Tyler (occasional, 1981–1984)
    Felice Schacter ... Nancy Olsen (cast member 1979–1980, recurring 1980–1987)
    Sherrie Krenn ... Pippa McKenna (1987–1988)
    Julie Piekarski ... Sue Ann Weaver (cast member 1979–1980, recurring 1980–1987)
    Roger Perry ... Mr. Charles Parker (1981–1983)

Recurring characters

A key recurring character was Geri Tyler (Geri Jewell), Blair's cousin who has cerebral palsy. Other recurring characters included the judgment-impaired Miko Wakamatsu (Lauren Tom), the snobbish Boots St. Clair (Jami Gertz), and the royal princess Alexandra (Heather McAdam). Shoplifter Kelly (Pamela Segall) was billed as a regular during the fifth season. Other guest roles included the boyfriends of the girls; Jo's parents, played by Alex Rocco and Claire Malis; Blair's parents, played by Nicolas Coster and Marj Dusay (Blair's mother was played by Pam Huntington in one episode during the first season); Tootie's parents, played by Kim Fields' real-life mother, actress Chip Fields, and Robert Hooks; and Natalie's parents, played by Norman Burton and Mitzi Hoag. (Natalie's grandmother was played by Molly Picon, and appeared in two episodes). A 1984 episode was built around Natalie coming to terms with the sudden death of her father. Characters from Diff'rent Strokes also appeared in some episodes of both season one and season two. -Wikipedia