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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let's Go to Prison: We Should Be Cellmates

Let's Go to Prison - Cellmates

John Lyshitski: We should be cellmates. I don't snore, and I'm a quiet masturbator. Hell, I'll even give you the top bunk.

John Lyshitski: Under all the swastikas, he's a real prick.

John Lyshitski: Our justice system sucks. You know, there are over two million Americans behind bars. That's a little larger than the population of Houston. Every year, there are enough children born in prison to fill 250 Little League teams and enough people are raped in prison to fill a stadium more than three times. Can you picture that? Three stadiums full of people raping each other? I know I can.

John Lyshitski: It costs $54 a day to keep a person in prison, which comes out to $75 million a day nationally. That's $28 billion a year. When you think about it, wouldn't it be cheaper just to let us keep your goddamn car stereos?

Barry: [flirting] Of all the bathroom stalls, in all the correction facilities in all the world, he walks into mine.

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