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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Best Fishing Hole Ever: Hot Bikini Model

Fishing Hole: Hot Bikini Model - Wicked Weasel - Misha
This motivational poster is a picture of a beautiful brunette bikini model doing a photo shoot on a rocky coastline. Either the Pacific Coast or even the Atlantic Coast. She is wearing a super sexy see through fluorescent green Wicked Weasel thong bikini.There is a fisherman sitting up on the rocks fishing in the ocean watching the swimsuit model's photography session.

I can't help but think this man has found the greatest fishing spot in the history of mankind.
I have done a lot of fishing, mostly bass fishing, trout fishing, steel-head fishing and salmon fishing. Living right on the Rouge River here in Oregon drift boat fishing is a big deal.
But usually the only women I see on the shoreline are holding a Busch Light and sporting a beer gut. hehe

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